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Salsa On

Published July 31, 2014 by itsachunglife

I would like to start this post by thanking a certain friend who I appreciate so much for just getting me out of the house for a catch up and a drink.  This is exactly what I needed to remind myself there are positive vibes out there no matter the situation.   Parts of my life which are not ideal right now shouldn’t be casting darkness over invaluable things such as nurturing  the friendships that count, and the progress made on that  self-improvement/self-awareness bandwagon.

So she took me to Cloudland, it’s not Cloud 9 but it comes pretty close on Salsa night Thursdays.  The décor looks luxuriously sophisticated.  There are private booths surrounded by overhanging plants; there’s a waterfall,  and if you look closely butterflies are encased in some of the furnishings.  The crowd polishes up well too, and an extra bonus are the $10 mojito’s and margaritas!

Now back to the crowd, the suited up crowd to be exact and even on the weekends it’d be rare to find the jeans/tshirt attire in there which is what I love about it.  So much that it is starting to be my regular Thursday spot.  I like to use this time as a mid-week catch up with the girlfriends over a few drinks, then we mingle into the d- floor while the white trouser and matching hat man demonstrates the basic salsa moves on stage for about half an hour before moving onto more tricky moves.  For the most part it’s pretty fun I get lost in the moment and feel like I’m in a dance group or something HEEEY!   Hands down one of the best ways to unwind midweek….until someone stands on your foot with their stiletto heel!  OMG so painful I’m still feeling it 2 or 3 weeks later!  But who am I to complain when I too am guilty of doing this.


Inspiration CHANGE ME UP

Published June 26, 2014 by itsachunglife

Recapping on the last few months let’s start with the serious topic that is lightening Asian hair.

I had always wanted to change up the hair colour and one weekend while chilling on the couch with the girlfriend, and vino in hand I searched the Play store for a hair colour app, and this is the first one that came up….actually called Hair Color.

This app is easy to use, just select an image which shows the accurate colour of your complexion and one where your hair is sitting right, then proceed with tracing the outline of your hair.  Zoom in for some fine tuning around the hairline and then have fun experimenting with the colours and shades.  Obviously it’s not Photoshop quality but you get the jist of it, AND did I mention it provides hours of entertainment!


Initially I wanted a shade close to platinum blonde but after the reality check of ‘will this gel with my complexion’, followed by ‘work appropriateness’ and ‘up keep/maintenance and achievability’,  I left it in the capable hands of Jacinta at Hairzoom.  It was my first time at Hairzoom and the team were friendly and accommodating,  AND  the best part – my girlfriend (also requiring blonding) and I were setup in the private part of the salon, it felt so VIP  like we had the place to ourselves! My hairdresser Jacinta had great hair and style, but I was most impressed with her understanding of my needs and it was her confidence and drive of  getting the balance right between what I wanted and what I could pull off that put me at ease.   So after 3 hours the end result is this gorgeous blended look that is  Balayage.


I’m pretty happy with it and i’m impressed that there is  enough blonde,  but not so much that it looks out of place.

Oh and please excuse the outfit, I was all ready to go to Salsa night after getting the hair did, but hunger got the best of us so it was one of those outfit wasted kinda days. Salsa post to follow 🙂

I must admit it did take a few days to get use to,and since it’s lightest on the outer part I curled my hair for the first 2 weeks to semi-hide the mass of blonde until I had adjusted.  To maintain the colour I use  purple shampoo from KMS to stop the blonde from turning brassy and I also use the KMS conditioner.  It’s been about a month since I got my hair coloured now, and I am pretty happy with the health of my strands especially since I deal to it with the GHD or curling wand every few days.  For a heat protectant I use Organix Brazilian Keratin Flat Iron Spray, and to tame frizz I use Fudge Urban 3 in 1 Miracle Moisture Stuff Hair Serum with Argan Oil.  These products are ok, they smell good and do the job although I haven’t had a chance to try other products to compare.  The only styling product I use is the  Toni and Guy Salt Spray .  It is the  must have  for all those blessed with silky, straight asian hair.  It smells amazing and a light spritz gives your hair the piecey, tousled effect,  and with such little effort it just adds that extra dimension to your do.

Overall I”m pretty happy with the outcome, but also can’t wait for it to lighten naturally over time.


Thanks again Hairzoom

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