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My hero

Published September 7, 2014 by itsachunglife

2014 one of the most challenging years to date.  It’s not over yet, but it’s only now I can reflect on it on a daily basis.  It was hard to see such a strong man broken it really changed me, knocked me down. He’d never let the family see this side of him before, and seeing him laying there on the bed helpless and heading in for a 12+ hour surgery with a heart condition too.  That scared and worried me beyond belief but I had to put on that brave face as I kept reminding myself the worst is yet to come.  I felt like  I had to keep it together for the whole family.

But visiting my home town this week and seeing how well dad is doing, I can’t help but soak up his bright and lively attitude towards life.  This has given me the reality check I needed to put everything into perspective.  Any other  issues I have are a mere blip compared to what he’s had to experience.  To witness his drive and motivation to rebuild his strength, and live a healthier life has really enriched my positivity bank.  Then there’s the softer side of you which you have let us into, this is hands down the best thing that has happened this year!  It has really brought our family closer.

Life doesn’t seem fair at times, and bottom line is it’s really the attitude you choose to take to pull through it that counts.  There is always something positive to take out of any experience.  Embrace and find the light in the situation, or ignore and it will eventually fester over and consume you.


Happy Fathers Day Dad i’m so happy that you are moving forward, you have lit the way for me to get back to being the joyful girl full of laughter once again.

Shine on!

Sew Easy – DIY Cushion Covers

Published July 2, 2014 by itsachunglife

2014-06-29 17.40.57

Oh hey, so I’ve been on the lookout for fresh, fun and vibrant cushion covers for a while and pretty much there are none out there!  I mean none that cost less than $10, and the $10 ones are uggs as!  Then I was thinking if only I neeeeddd a SEWING MACHINE!!!!

I mean how complicated can sewing  be right, it’s just sewing in a straight line.   As for previous experience well I’ve sewn for a term at school when I was 11, and my mum well she’s a Machinist so should count for something haha.

So I ended up getting a  good deal on a  Singer off a mate who was moving to the U.S,  and from there on to justify the purchase I attempted to make these covers.  Home sewn things aren’t necessarily cheaper than store brought but it’s that feeling you get after you’ve created something one of a kind, and half decent looking which sparked my excitement.


I brought material from one of my new fave shops of 2014 – Spotlight.  My lover chose the colour and I chose the patterns, and yes we did buy Minky Polar and it is so toasty and warm against my face  😀


AND the sewing session began…..





I”m not going to give full blown  instructions on how I did it all because if like me , you Google it you’ll  find plenty.

But the sites I found most useful were:


My one tip would be to hand-stitch the baste seam for the zipper, because in my experience it’s a bitch to unpick seams sewn by the machine.



 And this is my cushion family: 3 by me, and 2 by BigW



Next up Knitting! xo


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