Sew Easy – DIY Cushion Covers

Published July 2, 2014 by itsachunglife

2014-06-29 17.40.57

Oh hey, so I’ve been on the lookout for fresh, fun and vibrant cushion covers for a while and pretty much there are none out there!  I mean none that cost less than $10, and the $10 ones are uggs as!  Then I was thinking if only I neeeeddd a SEWING MACHINE!!!!

I mean how complicated can sewing  be right, it’s just sewing in a straight line.   As for previous experience well I’ve sewn for a term at school when I was 11, and my mum well she’s a Machinist so should count for something haha.

So I ended up getting a  good deal on a  Singer off a mate who was moving to the U.S,  and from there on to justify the purchase I attempted to make these covers.  Home sewn things aren’t necessarily cheaper than store brought but it’s that feeling you get after you’ve created something one of a kind, and half decent looking which sparked my excitement.


I brought material from one of my new fave shops of 2014 – Spotlight.  My lover chose the colour and I chose the patterns, and yes we did buy Minky Polar and it is so toasty and warm against my face  😀


AND the sewing session began…..





I”m not going to give full blown  instructions on how I did it all because if like me , you Google it you’ll  find plenty.

But the sites I found most useful were:


My one tip would be to hand-stitch the baste seam for the zipper, because in my experience it’s a bitch to unpick seams sewn by the machine.



 And this is my cushion family: 3 by me, and 2 by BigW



Next up Knitting! xo



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