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Your lighting gave me hips!

Published January 16, 2014 by itsachunglife

Bridesmaids dress shopping is fun as, especially when your aim is to try on as many looks as possible so you can buy the knock-off online!  With 5 bridesmaids to cater for from the straight up girl who I’ll refer to as J, to the voluptuous hot mess aka P.  P&J tried the thick strapped, one shoulder, halter-neck, plunging neckline and more, and I feel genuinely happy to see the look on their faces when they realise how good they look.

In between taking sneaky polaroids of the girls in their gowns, I spot an ivory dress hidden in the changing room next door.  Since I hadn’t made a bridal appointment I thought I’d try my luck and see if I could try it on. Turned out I could, and it was lust at first sight!  Then as the veil was placed over my face my mind just fast tracked right to where my father gives me that look to say he’s so proud and thinks I look beautiful, and we link arms and walk down the aisle.  We arrive to my husband to be and he is looking at me like a stunned, cheesy-mullet as if it was version 2.0 of me e.g. if I was a gamer/Pokémon trainer walking down the aisle!

Day dream over and I was given 10 more dresses, hoops and veils to try on.  I’m a bit overwhelmed by now, and thank goodness the store was closing.  I ended up putting THE dress on hold and make an appointment to try on more dresses at the Louis Vuitton of bridal aka Winnie’s for the next day.  I mean you only plan to get married once, so may as well try on the dresses which cost 7 times more than the sale dress right?  RIGHT!  Off to Winnie’s we go and wow the dresses, they are Ah-mazing and transform me into a sexy, curvy thang!  The look on P the bridesmaids face is priceless, she’s never seen me in this light before.  P has her serious voice on, I must buy it she tells me,  I’d lend you “a few grand if I could” she tells me.  Trying my best not to fall for their dresses I grab the lookbook on my way out.  We skim through their lookbook expecting to be blown away by the dresses on actual models, but had no luck just page after page of dullness.  I look through again later on and that’s when I realise the gowns are there, but appear flat, plain no sparkle at all.  Where are the Photoshop skills at?  I looked better in the gowns then the gorgeous models in your Lookbook! Your shop lighting must be just too darn good! So good it gave me hips and ethereal-ness! (Hips are a good thing, when you have the hips of a 12 year old girl).  So to get this whole look I’d need to buy your shop lighting too? Unbelievable, that is just not going to work!

Next day we go to one more store then finally back to store number one to try on ‘THE’ dress one more time.  Only this time I wasn’t as impressed especially after trying on Winnie’s masterpieces.  Then the lovely store assistant handed me another dress, it looked ok and to be honest by this stage my mind was fuzzy and I don’t think I could take another day of this wedding dress search seriously.  Anyway to cut a long story slightly shorter, accessories made this become MY dress, and after a few mind games I convince myself I’d try my absolute hardest to save for this dress. YAY! A sigh of relief that the hunt is over and smiles for days now that I can visualise the big day.

Ok, did not think this post would turn novel-like.
So here i’ll throw in the favorite ones I tried:


MermaidLacylaceJA TrollJA squaresJA laceJA bejewelled

Dying to be toasted

Published January 3, 2014 by itsachunglife

Ok so I know this actual grand opening first blog about Muesli ain’t gonna get me no fans, but hey I need to get this breakfast delight of a ‘spoonful of nuts in every mouthful’ outta my chest!

So on this occasion making this “dish” was all about using up all the random packets of nuts, seeds and fruits in the pantry.


I mean check that out it’s not your average muesli, it has whole brazil nuts candy toasted in maple syrup combined with seeds, berries and oats of course.

So here’s what went down when I made it – I forgot to add both oils! I guess that’s why the oats aren’t crunchy, and instead of dried apples I added dried strawberries. I also used cashews instead of almonds and after so many adjustments it still turned out better than fine! As long as you have the correct ratio of nuts:oats:fruit:syrup you will be onto a winner!!!!

Here is the original recipe if you want to try it out:
And if I was to make this again, i’d definitely halve the recipe, because (A) I don’t have time to chew muesli on the weekday and because of this (B) you want your muesli to be fresh when you go to eat it, so making enough for your weekly consumption is enough, plus it only takes 30 minutes to put together, and (C) go all out and buy some of that real maple syrup see what all the fuss is about.

Enjoy, and now I shall get back to my actual job……..unless you leave me a comment 🙂

A Blog is Born

Published January 2, 2014 by itsachunglife

Congratulations to me! I’m taking it to the next level to share that little bit of nourishment that makes me smile.   

What makes my mind, body and soul Zing is food, fitness and fashion.  I aim to share my food creating and dining experiences, fitness achievements and aspirations, and flaunt that fashion guru in me.

I have a pretty massive up and down 2014 ahead of me and hope this blog life will keep me positive and motivated to stay strong.

Cheers to that,                                                                                                             @itsachunglife


Grapa life, Santorini May 2013


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